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The Blyth Union Cemetery was created in 1881. It is located in a 5 acre section of Concession XIV Lot 26 Hullett Township, purchased from John Newcombe, located on Cemetery Line which runs from London Road about 3 km south of Blyth to County Road 25 (Blyth Road). John Newcombe was buried in the cemetery in 1883, two years after it opened. When Union Cemetery opened, the old Presbyterian burial grounds on Blyth's Dinsley Street since about 1854 were abandoned and later became known as Horticultural Park.

Some of the older tombstones were moved to the Union Cemetery while others were eventually placed in a cairn in the park. The relocated gravestones were placed in Sections B & C of the new cemetery. The earliest tombstones in the cemetery date to 1861 (John S. Millen) and 1862 (Jas. Cloakey), probably moved from the earlier cemeteries.

There is another inactive cemetery in Blyth, established by Trinity Anglican Church, located on Conc.1 Lot 41 of East Wawanosh, at the west end of North Street near the northern boundary of Blyth. It was opened in 1881 until 1929 after which most Anglican burials took place in Blyth Union Cemetery.

The pillars at the Union Cemetery's south gate were donated by the Poulton family, and were built in 1888 by Mr. Frost from Seaforth. The pillars and gates at the north entrance were provided in 1993 in memory of Franklin Bainton by the Bainton Family.

The cemetery is also home to a distinctive monument, erected by Dr. William Sloan in memory of his two sons who died within a month of each other in 1886/87. It was a metal monument (White Bronze) with several sections composing the height of 23 feet. Some years ago some sections were removed, reducing the overall height. The monument was built in 1887 but also memorializes other family members including Dr. Sloan who passed away in 1921.

The graveyard also has a mausoleum and chapel and a garden shed that were built in 1957 in memory of T.J. Poulton and his mother, father and sister.

The records for the Blyth Union Cemetery are kept at the Township of North Huron Town Hall in Wingham. The Township of North Huron took over care of the cemetery, after amalgamation in 2001. Prior to that, the Blyth Union Cemetery was managed by a cemetery board with representatives from Blyth, East Wawanosh and Hullett Townships. Past caretakers included Graham Jackson and Carl Longman.

The Huron County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society indexed the cemetery tombstones in the mid 1980s and those indexes can be found at the town libraries in Goderich, Wingham, Clinton, Seaforth, and Exeter. The indexes include transcriptions of the monuments.

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